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Welcome to New Reflexions Response service

Reflexions Response provides short-term activity based therapeutic placements for young people aged up to 18 years of age, of either gender, who may display behaviours or face specific risks that require an immediate therapeutic response. We support young people in crisis and provide Placing Authorities with informed placement criteria that combines identified focus areas of work with appropriate methods of intervention.

It is a sad fact that some young people experience placement breakdowns with no appropriate alternative readily available. Reflexions Response is designed to meet the immediate needs of both young people and the placing authorities by providing an immediate place of safety and a holistic assessment to inform future placement planning.

Every placement is supported by New Reflexions highly qualified clinical team The assessments used include an assessment of attachment behaviours and evaluation of the function of the young person’s risk behaviours, analysis is incorporated into the assessment report for each young person.

All of our response placements utilise OUTDOOR ACTIVITIES which are also linked to the educational programme provided.

Research suggests that using outdoor activities as an alternative curriculum has positive outcomes including the development of confidence and self-esteem, supporting positive social development and exploration of values (Paquette et al, 2014; Sproule et al, 2013).

‘Positive experiences engender hope and trust, and convey a comforting sense of being understood and accepted’ (Trevithick, 2000, p4).

The initial goal is to stabilise the young person by giving new, exciting experiences designed to free them from the worries/anxieties they will be suffering in this uncertain time.

In addition to the therapeutic value of “feel good” activities, the service will undertake a continuous assessment of the young person’s needs through our multi-skilled approach.


During their placement children participate in adventurous expeditions, for example a climbing, sailing or canoeing trip, and other educational experiences, such as an extended visit to museums and heritage sites. This is a key feature of a child's stay with the response service. These trips enhance the development and learning that takes place during the child's placement. They will also stand out as unique and memorable experience for the child.

New Reflexions Response offer an alternative curriculum utilising short term educational projects and educational certification through the AQA unit award scheme. Our programmes are monitored and regulated by the organisation’s Ofsted registered independent school; The Evolution centre.


Our first Crisis Response home, Morton’s Lodge, opened in North Wales in September 2011.

The home is a rural three bedded property and it offers activity based placements for a period of up to three months.

The property is ideally located to provide a safe environment for the young person, and it gives us the scope and time for to assess their needs during their time with us.

Located within Snowdonia National Park, the home offers the opportunity for the young person to experience various outdoor activities. The centre is AALA licensed and the staff have a wide range of outdoor qualifications.

More recently the home and the vast area of grounds is now a registered small holding and already has pigs and chickens and alpacas with more projects planned over the next year.

Registered Manager; Adam Hughes adam.hughes@newreflexions.co.uk


Following the success of Mortons Lodge, Wilmington Farmhouse was opened in 2013.

The home is located in rural Shropshire and is a three bedded property, from a secure base the manager and team offer activity based programmes for approximately three months supporting young people to develop trusting relationships with their care team from which they can learn and grow. The centre is AALA licensed and the staff have a wide range of outdoor qualifications.

Registered manager John Green john.green@newreflexions.co.uk


Opened in 2014 Ardhoric is in a tranquil setting on the island of Kerrera near Oban on the West coast of Scotland.

Placements are offered for up to 90 days, reducing stress and allowing the young person to develop positive relationships and build coping strategies.

Young people are given the opportunities to develop a range of skills from outdoor education, Farm and animal husbandry skills and AQA awards.

Registered Manager Tim Vollum tim.vollum@newreflexions.co.uk


Our most recent addition to the response service; Key Change Childrens Service ltd; New Reflexions Cumbria was purchased in 2014.

This service is an exciting mobile provision providing intensive 120 day placements for a maximum of three young people of either gender aged up to 18 years.

Based in Cumbria with a narrow boat as one of the forms of accommodation, young people are looked after by two members of staff and a variety of accommodation is used enabling the programme to be delivered to meet the needs of the individual child.

Registered Manager John Crotty john.crotty@newreflexions.co.uk

For further information please contact:

Amanda Clarke
Operations Director
01939 210040

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