Response Services

Crisis Intervention


New Reflexions Response provides short-term activity based therapeutic placements for young people aged up to 18 years of age, of either gender, who may display behaviours or face specific risks that require an immediate therapeutic response.


This Service is designed to meet the immediate needs of both young people and the placing authorities by providing an immediate place of safety and a holistic assessment to inform future placement planning. This Service continues to be supported by New Reflexions highly qualified clinical team.


Due to our belief that every young person should be able to access education and should be nurtured to learn, all of our response placements utilise outdoor activities which provides an alternative curriculum. The alternative curriculum utilises short-term educational projects and educational certification through the AQA unit award scheme. 


During a young persons placement with this Service they will have the opportunity to do a wide range of activities, for example; rock climbing, bouldering, sailing, canoeing trips, mountain biking and fishing.


This is a key feature of a young person’s stay with this Service, and we always aim to ensure a young person leaves this service with a unique and memorable experience.

Here are some of the wonderful activities that take place and the homes and boats the young people stay in during their placement:

Outdoor Activities



It is important to know that we have this approach for the young person’s enjoyment but also as Research suggests that using outdoor activities as an alternative curriculum has positive outcomes including the development of confidence and self-esteem, supporting positive social development and exploration of values (Paquette et al, 2014; Sproule et al, 2013).


New Reflexions Scotland:


Within our response service, we have a provisions in Scotland. Opened in 2014, our first home is in a tranquil setting on the island of Kerrera near Oban on the West coast of Scotland.


These are short-term placements, reducing stress and allowing the young person to develop positive relationships and build coping strategies. Young people are given the opportunities to develop a range of skills from outdoor education, Farm and animal husbandry skills and AQA awards.

New Reflexions Cumbria:


New Reflexions Cumbria was purchased in 2014. With both a home and an exciting mobile provision providing intensive 12-16 week placements for young people aged up to 18 years.


Based in Cumbria, the mobile service operates using a narrow boat as one of the forms of accommodation, young people are looked after by members of staff and a variety of accommodation is used enabling the programme to be delivered to meet the needs of the individual child.

New Reflexions Wales:


Our Response service in Wales has been operating the longest. Opening in 2011, our first Response home is set in a beautiful rural location and offers activity based placements for a period of 12-16 weeks.


The property is ideally located to provide a safe environment for the young person, and it gives us the scope and time to assess their needs during their time with us. The home offers the opportunity for the young person to experience various outdoor activities as many of our staff hold a wide range of outdoor qualifications themselves. In addition to this, it is also home to some alpacas!

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