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Our origins can be traced to 1999 and we became New Reflexions in 2007. Since then New Reflexions has grown into one of the leading organisations for providing services for children that have emotional and behavioural difficulties.


As an organisation we provide short, medium and long term residential care to young people, who for whatever reason are either unable or unwilling to live within a family setting. Our young people have usually suffered multiple placement breakdowns and are in desperate need of stability. It has been our experience that these young people just need someone to believe in them, to listen to and respond to their needs. To this end, we offer our young people a commitment to stand by them and work through the difficult times and support them to achieve a sense of emotional and practical independence.

Quality Care

We firmly believe that this quality care can only be provided by a consistent, motivated and well trained care team. It has been our experience that these young people just need someone to believe in them, to listen to what they are trying to say and respond to their needs.

Our Philosophy


Our philosophy in caring for young children is reflected in the values and principles afforded by our staff. We believe that life is about continuous learning and development and that this applies to people of all ages and of all walks of life. We continually acquire new knowledge, learn new skills and develop our abilities to manage situations. Staff and young people are equally supported to recognise learning opportunities. By consistently monitoring our quality assurance systems, we are able to measure the progress and outcomes of both the young people we care for and the staff we employ. 


We believe in a systemic approach which encompasses not only the family, but the other care professionals involved in meeting young people’s needs. To achieve this it takes an innovative approach that not only meets their needs but positively engages them in their own development. 

If we sound like the organisation to look after a young person for your local authority, please go to our contact us page where there is information on how to make a referral.

At New Reflexions we never end a placement:


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'Where every child matters'

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