Residential Services

Nurturing Environment


We believe strongly that young people should not be placed in large multi-bedded institutions but rather in homes that afford them a sense of attachment. At New Reflexions we have developed a flexible, inclusive and eclectic approach to meeting the needs of these young people.


Therefore, we ensure our homes are selected and furnished with the focus on providing a warm and nurturing environment in which they can flourish.


We manage the majority of our Residential Services in Shropshire, Staffordshire and Wales however we also have some Residential Services in Scotland. The homes within these services range from a single placement homes to a multi placement homes, this is to ensure individual needs are met. However, as we strive to ensure every young person’s needs are always met, our multi placement homes never have more than 3 young people living there at a time.


In all our homes every young person has a minimum of one carer working with them to ensure they have the support they need.

Our Homes

Every young person in our Residential Services is encouraged to participate and attend education and gain essential life skills for their future. We offer placements at our own School, The Evolution Centre, however we support attendance to any suitable school or placement for that young person. We also encourage outdoor learning and engagement in the local community, ultimately ensuring we provide fun and inclusion not just life skills.

New Reflexions

Here are some of our beautiful homes that provide that warm and nurturing environment:

New Reflexions