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Who we are


Founded in 2007, New Reflexions has grown into one of the leading organisations for providing services with homes across the United Kingdom, for children that have emotional behavioural difficulties. We are an independent, integrated care company who truly believe that, “if it isn’t acceptable for your own children, it is not acceptable for any child”.  Our successful triad of care: therapy, residential placement and education, has a proven track record and we are proud of our philosophy of never ending a placement for a child.

What we do 


As an organisation we provide an integrated service for children who have experienced trauma in their lives resulting in emotional behavioural difficulties. We provide both long-term and crisis-intervention placements that focus wholly on a quality care provision that embraces the concept of family values.


It is a sad reality that many young people suffer multiple rejections due to relationship breakdowns when stability is essential to the healing process. The effects of these rejections often leave the young person focused on their immediate needs and unable to see a positive future.


When measuring outcomes, we must all be mindful of the young person’s journey to fully appreciate their progress.


At New Reflexions, we believe that placement stability is simply the beginning of a long process to achieve positive re-engagement. Through this philosophy, we have built a reputation for our commitment to every young person placed with us.


Continued stability is achieved through a sense of hope and direction. Through consultation, we work with our young people at a pace that is appropriate to their emotional and practical needs. This approach has enabled many of our young people to gain a sense of positive control and develop the motivation to take the first towards a better, brighter future.

Where we are

Whilst our Head Office is based in Shropshire, our homes are located throughout England, Wales and Scotland​.



As a company we aim to make sure every young person’s needs are met. New Reflexions offers a unique level of commitment to our young people and we believe that if we make an informed decision to work with a particular young person, we have a responsibility to see that work through for as long as it is deemed by all involved to be in their best interests.


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Career Opportunities


We believe that it is the right of every young person to live in a safe, warm and nurturing environment without fear of abuse. If you share these beliefs we would love for you to join our team!


As a company we have many job opportunities available, but to join one of our care teams as a Residential Care Worker you just need to be committed to enhancing a young persons’ life and future – don’t worry about previous experience or qualifications as we have a dedicated team that provides industry lead training to equip you with the necessary skills to deliver these beliefs.


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