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Education at The Evolution Centre, a New Reflexions School

The Evolution CentreThe Evolution Centre prides itself upon and is passionate about delivering a student-centred approach. We aim to provide an individually tailored educational programme, meeting the needs of that young person, at that particular time, with the understanding that this will change as they grow in confidence and maturity. As a result, every young person at school has an educational experience which is as unique as they are.

We value the importance of all our young people feeling safe and secure at school. We also believe in a sense of caring for the community in its broadest sense and the importance of providing challenge, so all young people can achieve personal growth, as well as develop the skills of team work and tolerance that will ensure their success in later life. Our mission statement ‘achieve personal growth through education, challenge and teamwork’ truly permeates every aspect of school life and influences all we do.

As well as educating young people in the care of New Reflexions, The Evolution Centre also welcomes children from other care companies and students in Local Education Authorities, who, for whatever reason, are unable to access mainstream schools. Our students usually have difficulties with regulating their emotional responses, behaviour and often have significant gaps in their education, but the school consistently overcomes these barriers by assuming a nurturing, holistic approach.

The Evolution Centre supports all young people to gain accreditation across the whole ability range, from Entry Level through to GCSEs. The ASDAN Youth Award Scheme also allows our young people to be accredited for developing a wide range of skills with a portfolio approach to evidencing their work. We value academic subjects alongside the development of social, moral, spiritual, cultural and personal skills which are vital for successful adult functioning, such as independence, team work and self-reflection. The curriculum is supported by agencies such as Shropshire Youth (Careers), by local employers, a range of visitors, local artists and by the community.

Our highly bespoke approach to timetabling means that we offer a wide variety of opportunities to all students, including traditional academic lessons; work with vocational providers; work experience; sport, in addition to outdoor adventure activities and curriculum based projects. We endeavour to deliver a varied curriculum that harnesses the individual talents and interests of every young person; we aim to make learning relevant and, ultimately, rewarding for all learners.

The SEND code of practice ‘graduated approach’ requires that we carefully consider each young person’s strengths and areas for development, in order to develop appropriate targets which each student can understand and own. For young people with a Statement of Special Educational Needs or an Education Health and Care Plan, the team of professionals working around them will jointly guide and formulate appropriate targets and goals.

http://www.newreflexions.co.uk/images/education.jpg‘Reflective Therapeutic Intervention’ provides an ethos for the management of behaviour and ensures that young people progress from their own starting point towards better self-management and an ability to reflect and, therefore, learn from past mistakes. Training for care and school staff ensures a seamless approach to behaviour between home and school, which accelerates the ability of young people to learn and respond positively. Praise, reward and positive role modelling, enables us to apply consistent boundaries, including consequences and expectations, to promote motivation and positive behaviour in our students.

We fervently believe that our students make the best possible progress when there is a holistic approach to care and education. The Evolution Centre therefore works closely with professionals to discuss how best to support children. We hold review days twice yearly that function like parents’ evenings, providing an opportunity for parents, carers and social workers to meet with school staff to discuss each young person’s progress in detail. We also contribute to Personal Education Plan meetings and Looked After Child reviews. We advocate that care and education should offer complimentary inputs and endeavour to provide a platform where both parties can work together seamlessly and always with what is in the best interests of the child foremost in our minds.

The school was inspected by OFSTED in 2009 ,2012 and 2016, click here to view these reports.

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