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Outdoor Education

Our service is delivered by combining residential care with outdoor education. Every young person placed at New Reflexions is offered a structured programme of outdoor activities. This includes mountain biking, kayaking, rock climbing, gorge walking and camping, to name but a few. Programmes are tailored to the needs and the ability of each individual and are risk assessed and delivered in house by our qualified and trained care team and instructors. Young people will also be able to learn about their local environment, geography and geology; as well as record what they have done through the use of pictures, drawings and craft.

Whilst placed at New Reflexions our aim is to engage young people in a varied and stimulating programme of activities that will provide them with new experiences and the opportunity for personal learning, issue exploration, and development of confidence, self-esteem and a sense of self worth.

We want young people to explore their local environment, gain insight into the benefits of enjoying the outdoors, rather than computer games and television. We want them to experience the activities and live life rather than only watch other people experiencing what nature and the outdoors has to offer.

The elements of personal learning, safety and trust of adults evident within the delivery of outdoor education are crucial in forming positive attachments to young people. We firmly believe that the positive experiences enjoyed whilst undertaking the activity can be transferred to other aspects of the placement, such as situations in the home, as well as the community and life in general. If a young person can trust an adult in an outdoor setting and enjoy their company during an activity, they are more likely to listen to them and respond to their guidance in times of anger, conflict or risk.

We will use outdoor education to facilitate opportunities for young people to learn more constructive positive behaviours and better ways of coping. By exposing young people to new exciting activities within their local environment we aim to physically and mentally stimulate them in order to stabilise situations and behaviours such as anger, conflict and risk. It does not make sense to be angry, negative and destructive if you are enjoying yourself.

We firmly believe that the nature of our placements can ‘sow the seeds of change’ within young people by providing opportunities to realise that there are real alternatives and options available to them. The changing of a mind set is the most important piece of work we can complete at New Reflexions. We are realistic, knowing that we are not going to reverse learnt behaviour in a short period of time, however if we can begin to encourage the young person to realise that there is an alternative, we have achieved our aim.

Our experience tells us that by providing interaction between highly skilled, qualified and experienced staff we can give young people a real sense of security and stability through immediate practical support, advice and guidance. Our staff team act as role models for the young people that reside with us demonstrating constructive and more appropriate ways of interacting and reacting to situations.

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