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Our Outcomes

It is a sad reality that many young people suffer multiple rejections due to relationship breakdowns when stability is essential to the healing process. The effects of these rejections often leave the young person focused on their immediate needs and unable to see a positive future.

When measuring outcomes, we must all be mindful of the young person’s journey to fully appreciate their progress.

At New Reflexions, we believe that placement stability is simply the beginning of a long process to achieve positive re-engagement. Through this philosophy, we have built a reputation for our commitment to every young person placed with us.

Continued stability is achieved through a sense of hope and direction. Through consultation, we work with our young people at a pace that is appropriate to their emotional and practical needs. This approach has enabled many of our young people to gain a sense of positive control and develop the motivation to take the first step.

To date, we have successfully looked after several young people who were previously labelled as unmanageable and re-united other young people with their families. Through our outcome focused approach, we have provided invaluable evidence based assessments to aid future planning and through our recommendations have been instrumental in the continued progress of young people previously in our care.

We currently have young people residing with us who on arrival were only focused on going home. Through our approach they have recognised their progress and requested to stay and develop themselves further.

Through multi-agency working and our relationships in the community, we have secured further education placements at local colleges and work experience placements.

Our leaving care service is recognised for its in-depth assessment of young people’s emotional and practical needs and has provided invaluable information to the pathway plan.

We also have a reputation for our post residential support, giving young care leavers a continued sense of safety and belonging. The knowledge that we will always be there is often all that’s needed to soothe the fear of failure in this next stage of their journey to achieve a productive life.

We currently have young people who have been supported to settle in Shropshire and have built a life that has surpassed their own expectations.

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