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Residential Services

Emotional Behavioural Difficulties

The majority of young people in care have experienced chaos and instability in their short lives and this is reflected in their behaviour. The young people referred to private provision have usually experienced multiple placement breakdowns.

It is important to recognise that whilst a young person may chronologically be a teenager, they have often been unable to experience the stepping stones of “normal” childhood and are often “stuck” in their emotional maturation.

We believe strongly that young people should not be placed in large multi-bedded institutions but rather in homes that afford them a sense of attachment. We at New Reflexions have developed a flexible, inclusive and eclectic approach to meeting the needs of these young people which embraces the quality of their homes; the high level of skill, training and commitment of their carers; opportunities to participate in a range of esteem-building activities and the provision of high quality counselling and therapeutic services.

Therefore, we ensure our homes are selected and furnished with the focus on providing a warm and nurturing environment in which they can flourish.

We operate a number of small registered children’s homes ranging from a minimum of one bed to a maximum of three beds. To ensure individual needs are met, with the exception of our “semi-independent service” each home is staffed daily at a minimum of one carer per young person.

Our single placement homes are crucial to enable the most damaged of our young people to safely work through difficult emotions without distraction. The focus is then placed on providing the young person with the appropriate coping skills to achieve social integration and progress to a shared living environment.

Services to Young People who display sexually abusive behaviour

Young People commit sexually abusive acts as a result of a complex mix of factors, both individual and environmental. It follows that in order to help Young People to change their abusive behaviours they need to be offered appropriate individual therapy within a safe environment where they are cared for by skilled workers who are part of a ‘helping team’.

New Reflexions offers such a safe, consistent and supportive environment within which risk is managed and individual therapy and counselling is provided by highly experienced practitioners on a regular basis to help Young People to change their behaviour and reduce the risk that they might pose to themselves and other people in future.

Learning Disabilities:

We operate one home within this service for three young people of either gender up to the age of 19yrs providing medium to long term care for those in need of a stable, structured and well-organised environment. The aim of the home is to provide young people with the necessary social, practical and emotional development in preparation for adulthood.

Semi-Independence Assessment:

Throughout our involvement in residential services, we have been constantly aware of the need to prepare young people for the realities of care leavers who are unable to return to their families

Whilst all our young people are supported to develop self care skills, our semi-independence service provides a focused programme that brings together all the elements of a young persons potential for sustainable independent social integration.

The service provides for up to three young people of either gender who are identified as requiring development for subsequent independent living. Support is provided by a staff team of three and the Registered Manager. However, due to the nature of the service, the home is only staffed by one carer per 24 hours who is there to guide and support the young people to cope for themselves.

We are mindful that leaving care is a frightening prospect for someone so young and a major element to a positive outcome is emotional resilience. Where needed the service will provide the same level of therapeutic support as our other homes and this aspect of the care plan remains an option throughout a young person’s stay with us.

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Crisis Response Service

It is a sad fact that some young people experience placement breakdown with no appropriate alternative readily available. Reflexions Response is designed to meet the immediate needs of both young people and the placing authorities by providing an immediate place of safety and a holistic ninety day assessment to inform future placement planning...find out more here

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