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About Us

The Company

New Reflexions is part of Reflexion Care Group Limited and originated from the amalgamation of Reflexion Care and Safe and Sound Care in 2007. The Operations Team from Safe and Sound Care took responsibility for all care provision and between them have over thirty two years experience in the field of child care in both local authority and private provision.

As a result of their own life experiences the Operations Team work tirelessly to promote the rights and welfare of children and young people. New Reflexions is a privately owned organisation and free of institutional debt. This financial security allows us to focus wholly on a quality care provision that embraces the concept of family values.

We believe it is the right of every young person to live in a safe, warm and nurturing environment without fear of abuse. To this end, we are committed to delivering the best care and ensuring that young people are not only protected from potentially abusive individuals, but also from self-destructive reactive behaviours.

We provide short, medium and long term residential care to young people between10yrs and under 19yrs of age who for whatever reason are either unable or unwilling to live within a family setting. Our young people have usually suffered multiple placement breakdowns and are in desperate need of stability. It has been our experience that these young people just need someone to believe in them, to listen to what they are trying to say and respond to their needs. To this end, we offer our young people a commitment to stand by them and work through the difficult times and support them to achieve a sense of emotional and practical independence.

Philosophy and Ethos

The basic philosophy of our approach is the notion that people are hugely important in influencing the lives of others with whom they come into contact. Our care teams have a vital role to play in stabilising and supporting young people who may be in crisis. The care teams provide a nurturing and caring structured approach, which is designed to empower and develop young people with a diverse range of needs and abilities.

To care enough to persevere with a young person, even when they feel unable to accept help offered to them and they are at their most destructive, is the hallmark of a professional childcare worker. We believe in a systemic approach which encompasses not only the family, but the other care professionals involved in meeting young people’s needs. To achieve this takes an innovative approach that not only meets their needs but positively engages them in their own development.

Our philosophy in working with young people is reflected in the values and principles afforded our staff. We believe that life is about continuous learning and development and that this applies to people of all ages and of all walks of life. We continually acquire new knowledge, learn new skills and develop our abilities to manage situations. Staff and young people are equally supported to recognise learning opportunities. By consistently monitoring our quality assurance systems, we are able to measure the progress and outcomes of both the young people we care for and the staff we employ.

The principle underpinning our approach is to provide our care teams with the necessary skills and knowledge to work effectively with a range of destructive, challenging and disruptive behaviours. Such levels of intervention demand that every member of the care team is trained and supported to help young people develop new responses to their environment and situations to enable them to achieve a higher level of social and emotional maturity. This is facilitated through intensive support, both practical and emotional, comprehensive training, regular supervisions/ team meetings, reflective practice and work based coaching.

Children’s rights have always been high on the agenda of the founders of New Reflexions. Young people who come to us may have had many of their rights denied to them, such as the right to live in a safe place without fear, and the right to enjoy “normal” age appropriate developmental activities. Taking away a young person’s basic rights also takes away their sense of value. It is our aim to ensure that each young person who comes to New Reflexions learns to truly value themselves and is empowered to not only have their say, but through appropriate responses, take positive control of their future.

In practical terms our main priority at New Reflexions is to do everything in our power to ensure the safety of the young people we care for and to promote their welfare in every way possible. Our aim is to help young people make sense of their situation and bring direction to their lives and to the plans made on their behalf whilst they are ‘looked after’. We do this by ensuring that their wishes and feelings are heard and understood, that their rights are promoted and upheld and that their Local Authority has the time and the correct information to make effective and appropriate “needs led” plans.

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